Spun Fibers

Cotton, mélange, heather, and blended yarns.

Filasur produces two lines of cotton yarns that the product of international leading-edge technology.

The company began operations in 1994 with a plant manufacturing 100% cotton yarns and blends of different materials, leading to the current line of melange and heather blends.

In mid-1999, we installed the most modern machinery from Rieter in Switzerland and Murata in Japan along with Swiss Luwa textile air engineering systems and Uster Technologies total quality management control equipment.

Today, our yarn spinning capacity exceeds five million kilograms annually.


  • 100% carded or combed tanguis cotton
  • 100% combed Pima cotton
  • 100% carded or combed American cotton
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Melange, heathers, blends with other fibers such as polyester, modal and tencel in Pima, tanguis or American cotton

Range of Yarn Count

  • From Ne 6/1 to Ne 50/1 in greige fabric
  • From Ne 6/1 to Ne 80/1 in blends
  • 2 ply or more twisted yarns
  • Gassed yarn

Quality Control

The integral quality control process begins with the purchase of raw material tested using USTER® HVI and USTER®AFIS, air condition control in the production room, detection and removal of extraneous fibers during both the carding and coning processes, real time monitoring system (on line) for production control and quality assurance. In addition, specialized equipment is employed for statistical control and monitoring of production and quality parameters, including USTER® AFIS, TENSORAPID, and TESTER 4.